Tiny Homes — Are they right for you?

We’ve all (almost) heard about the “Tiny Home Revolution”, how folks are downsizing from a couple thousand square feet to about 100-400 square feet. Yikes! That’s a lot of stuff to get rid of, but the thought of living mortgage-free is very tempting to many people, as is the ecological impact. There are a lot of reasons you may consider a tiny home, but there are some costs that are not always shown in the popular reality TV shows.

TinyHouses-Infographic-1000wlogoUp-front cost: Interestingly, one website dedicated to Tiny Living notes in their info-graphic that the average cost to build a Tiny Home is about $23,000 — if built by the owner. You will most likely have to pay plumbers and electricians to properly install those systems, not to mention carpenters if you aren’t one.


Whether your tiny home is non-moveable or on wheels, you will either have to buy a piece of property (unless you’ve already done that), or include the cost of renting a property. Some mobile tiny homes are RV park ready, so you can rent your space and hook up to water and electric. So, you will be adding the cost of property or the cost of renting property or the cost of an RV park into your monthly expenses.


If you are opting for a mobile tiny home, well, now you must have a strong vehicle to pull around your home. What size truck you need depends on the type of home you will build. In other words, forget the Eco-friendly vehicle. However, if you are opting for your tiny home to remain on a piece of property you will still incur additional costs beyond the cost of the land. Permits to build your tiny home cost, and if you need your plans signed off by an architect, well, there’s another added expense.


These are just some of the added costs that you might incur if you want your own Tiny Home. These added costs are not put out to scare you, but to inform you of what else is involved in getting to your own tiny home. Don’t be swayed by the low-cost of tiny living.


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