Looking Ahead When Buying a Home

If you are a first time homeowner, or are purchasing a home after a major life change such as marriage or having children, what should you consider to be sure your new home can grow with your changing family?  The time and effort that go into purchasing and decorating a new home, not to mention finding it in the first place, means that you’ll want to ensure that your home will be right for you and your family for years to come.  So what should you look for in your new home so that it will give you enjoyment and be functional both now and in the future?



Though a cute two-bedroom home may be right for a newlywed couple, this type of space will likely soon be outgrown if there are any children in your future or if you and your spouse like to entertain.  You will also want to consider the number of bathrooms and the facilities in them.  Having only one toilet or shower can certainly put stress on a growing family.



Special features of a home, such as a finished basement, central air, and a large yard can make your home a more functional and enjoyable space, especially if you have or are considering starting a family in the near future.  You may also want to consider the age of the home you purchase and its features or appliances, as this may lead to future costs that may put stress on your financial situation at a time when one spouse may be at home caring for the children.



Location is also an important consideration when choosing a home that can grow with your family.  Choosing a safe neighborhood is always an important point when selecting a family home, but you will also want to consider the proximity of good schools, community centers, and shopping.  Also, facilities such as parks and libraries can make a neighborhood truly a great place for families.  You may also want to consider the demographics of the area in which you are purchasing in order to be sure it is a match with your values.


As the old adage goes, home is where the heart is, and choosing a family home that is right for your family can really make all the difference in having a happy, fulfilling, and safe family life.


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Examining A Home Objectively

Everyone heads out to look at potential homes with a list of the things they want in a house, and a list of the things they do not want.  In addition to that wish list, there are also some other things you will notice about the homes you visit that may strike you as potential problems. Let’s take a look at examining a home objectively, what matters and what doesn’t.


When looking at homes, it is important to know what things are deal breakers and what things are minor issues that you can deal with easily.  Turning down a dream home because of something that is an easy fix seems like a silly thing to do, but it happens surprisingly frequently.


Cosmetic Issues

You walk into a home and it has terrible wallpaper or paint colors you wouldn’t dream of using, and it turns you off immediately.  While the gut reaction is normal, it is important to step back from that instinct and think about it objectively.  Painting is not particularly difficult or expensive, so try to imagine how the home would look with a different color palette, one that is more your style.


The ability to recognize which issues are merely cosmetic and can be easily fixed is an important key to finding a house you will love.  Be prepared to visualize the home as you could make it with a few cosmetic changes.  It will open you up to the possibilities and might allow you to consider homes that aren’t perfect the way they stand now, but could be just right with a little elbow grease and paint.


Major Repairs

In some cases, the major repairs that a house needs might be obvious.  In other cases, they might only be unearthed during a home inspection.  Either way, you will need to consider whether you are willing to deal with the problem.


If the home needs expensive repairs, you can either try to get the seller to do the repairs or accept that you will need to do them yourself.  In most cases, the seller will probably not be willing to take on major repair work, but might reduce the price accordingly.  Still, this might be a deal breaker if you are seeking a turnkey home.


Knowing The Difference

A home inspection is the best way to uncover all the issues, both minor and major, that a house might have.  I would never let any of my clients buy a house without an inspection, except in extraordinary circumstances. When you review the inspection, look for things that can be easily fixed as well as those that can’t.  The amount of work you want to do on your home will determine what problems you can personally live with.


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5 Reasons You Should Retire to Knoxville TN

Top 5 RetireEarlier this week, Kiplinger published their most recent review of all 50 states for retirees, and decided that Tennessee is the 4th Top Place to live for retirees. Yeah! But I could have told you that. Okay, I admit I am biased, but while the Kiplinger article/slideshow specifically points to Chattanooga, let me tell you the top 5 reasons you should retire to Knoxville TN.

Outdoor activities. We have a wide variety or outdoor activities ranging from biking, hiking, boating to walking. There are numerous parks, Greenways to walk, or Ijams Nature Center to visit. If you can dream it up, I would bet we already have it here. And, if you are used to 4 distinct seasons, we have that here too, only on a more mild scale from northern states.

The Arts. I’m not going to beat around the bush here, Knoxville has a very diverse arts and music scene. You can catch some free shows on Market Square (the downtown hub for dining, shopping and nightlife) to paid shows. There are theaters and museums to visit, and no lack of diversity in the type of music, dance or art preformed or shown.

Sports. If sports is your thing, Knoxville has you covered. From college sports to watch and support, to baseball, basketball, ice hockey, swimming and rowing. There are numerous clubs you can join for your favorite sport.

Taxes. As the Kiplinger piece noted, yes Tennessee is a tax-friendly state for retirees, but here is their breakdown just for clarification. Yes, you will notice differences in the taxes here from other states, but in the long-run, you will be a head of the game in savings on taxes compared to most other states.

Community. Yes, community. One of the greatest things about Knoxville is the community atmosphere on many different levels. From neighborhood community, to spiritual community, and local community. The feeling of community can be incredible, and, if needed, a helping hand is often offered, even if that helping hand is to offer suggestions. The folks here are incredible.


I have listed various things in Knoxville TN, there is much more if you include the surrounding areas, that would make this post too long to read. The short answer is Knoxville TN is a great place to retire.


If Knoxville, TN is your destination for retiring, give me a call today, and I will help you get started in finding the ideal home for you.