Information for Sellers

There are several important steps in selling your Knoxville TN home, but the ultimate goal is to make sure you enjoy your new home. Once you pick me to represent you, I will put three parts into place.

  • Promotion — make sure that plenty of qualified buyers know about your house;
  • Good presentation — so that the qualified buyers not only see your house, but also love your house;
  • Good price — so that the qualified buyers see your house, love your house and can BUY your house.

Yes, there is a lot of work that go into each of those three parts, some of them are:

  • Property video and Facebook Live video networking;
  • Professional Photos
  • Marketing syndication
  • Brokers Open House
  • Public Open House
  • Weekly Updates (your preferred form of communication)

If you are thinking of selling your Knoxville, TN house, call me today at 85-588-1311!