Top Three Storage Ideas for Your Outerwear

The temperatures lately sure wouldn’t tell you that it’s winter here in Knoxville, TN right now, but it is. And that means extra clothes and accessories will be piling up all over the place. Bulky winter coats and heavy boots, scarves, gloves and hats can really push your storage space to the maximum.  When you have to pull everything out for winter, it’s time to consider some easy storage solutions that allow you to have everything handy and yet out-of-the-way. Here are the top three storage ideas for your outer-wear.


Double Duty Storage

Pick up a small storage ottoman and place it near the front door.  All of your mittens, gloves, scarves, and other small winter accessories can be thrown inside when you get home, and then you just replace the lid and it’s all hidden.  It’s easy for kids to use as well.


Storage ottomans have the added bonus of providing a convenient place to sit down while you get those winter boots on and ready yourself to head out the door.  Be sure that the items are dry before putting them away.


Dealing With Winter Boots

Boots can take up a lot of floor space, so get them off the ground with a shoe tree or rack.  Place the tree or rack over one of your heating vents for an added perk-the hot air blowing onto your boots will quickly dry off!

If things are really dripping, place a rubber mat with a raised edge beneath the boots to catch the water as they dry. This is also great whenever it rains.


Bulky Winter Coats

Winter coats can take up a lot of room, and there’s not a whole lot you can do about it.  Clear closet space by putting away any coats you aren’t planning to use until spring.

To make it easy for kids to reach their coats, hang small hooks at their level on the wall inside the closet.  This will free up hanger space and allow kids to hang up and retrieve their own coats.


At The End Of The Winter

When winter is over, grab plastic storage bins and put everything in labeled containers.  It will be easy to access next winter, and can be stacked for storage in the basement or attic.


Choose a bin for boots, one for coats, and one for accessories.  To avoid storing things you don’t need, pass on any outgrown coats or boots as soon as you are done with them for the year.  This will reduce clutter in your home as well!

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Choosing the Best Lighting for Your Space

lights-1285893_640Whether it is a romantic dining room or a home office, finding the right lighting for each space in your home is essential to making it functional and inviting.  So what should you consider when choosing lamps or lighting fixtures to ensure they will provide the right kind of light for your space, while still fitting in with the décor of the room?

Function Before Fashion   

Naturally you want your lighting choices to match and complement the décor of your home. If they aren’t the right functional choice for the space they will call home, your initial infatuation with them will likely fade.  For work spaces such as kitchens or offices, be sure your lighting will provide ample brightness while being easy on the eyes.  For rooms such as the living room or dining room, you’ll want to consider lighting sources that are adjustable to allow for relaxation and a romantic atmosphere, as well as the ability to work and play with enough light to see.  It is also important to consider the financial and environmental impact of the lighting you use.  Using energy-efficient bulbs and dimmers can reduce your carbon footprint and your electricity bill.

Size Matters!

If you have a small traditional dining room, choosing that large ballroom-sized chandelier you fell in love with may not be the best idea.  Also, going with recessed lighting for a large foyer, while functional, can make the space feel cold and uninspired.  Making sure that the fixtures or lamps you choose are proportional to the space they will call home will make the room look well designed.

Using Light As Decoration

While choosing lighting for a room requires balancing form and function, lighting can also be a great way to highlight existing features in a room.  Whether it is a great painting over the mantle, a few antiques in the hall, or a unique feature in your space, using lighting to highlight them can add a finished and dramatic look to any room.


Lighting can really make all the difference in any room, and can make all the hard work you have put into choosing the other décor elements of your home worth the effort, looking finished and spectacular!

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